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Alice Kim is an actress born on December 27, 1983 (37 years old). She made her film debut in 2007 when she portrayed a girl with a necklace in her next film alongside Nicolas Cage. Her only appearances were in SS’s Werewolves (2007) and Grindhouse (2007).

Alice Kim Cage’s early life

Alice grew up in Seattle, Washington, but fans have wondered if she was an only child because she respected her parents’ privacy and didn’t share details about her siblings either.Her parents lived in South Korea, but she moved to America in her late teens. Alice grew up learning East Asian values, but thanks to her schoolmates, she is still adapting to American culture.

Alice Kim Cage’s Education

She attended her local high school in Seattle and was physically active among the top volleyball players while also having interests in soccer and tennis.Upon admission in 2001, Alice enrolled at the prestigious Stanford University and graduated in 2005 with a BA in English. A few years later, she attended Washington University in St. Louis and earned a master’s degree.

Alice Kim Cage’s hobbies and other interests

Alice loves to travel and traveled all over America when she was married to Nicholas. Although she accompanied him to most of his red-carpet events, they enjoyed traveling often and spent time in several European countries, including Italy, France, and the UK. She is slim as she works out in the gym many times weekly. Alice also follows a strict diet and primarily enjoys Korean and Japanese food. Summer is her favorite season, as she loves sipping cocktails while sunbathing on the beach.

Alice Kim Cage’s physical stats

Alice Kim has long brown hair and brown eyes is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) tall and weighs about 115 pounds (52 kg).

Alice Kim Cage’s career

Nicolas helped launch her acting career in 2007. She played the lead gong girl in the critically acclaimed action thriller Grindhouse, written by Nine, directed by Five, and starring Kurt Russell, Rose McGowan, and Danny Trejo.

It consists of two cult films and has won 10 of the 32 awards it has been nominated for. That same year, Alice starred in the short comedy-horror film SS Werewolves and played The Girl with the Necklace in the 2007 sci-fi thriller The Next, starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, and Jessica. It follows a magician in Las Vegas who can see the future and wants to use him to prevent a nuclear disaster, only to be tracked down by the FBI. Alice has only appeared in these three films, and not much has been known about her career since 2007.

Alice Kim’s relationship

Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage met in 2004 in Los Angeles, California. Kim was 19 and worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant, while Cage was 40. The couple had not dated for a long time. Instead, they exchanged wedding vows two months after they met.Cage loved each other and wanted the wedding to happen quickly.

Alice Kim’s wedding

On July 30, 2004, Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage tied the knot in a wedding ceremony at a private ranch in Northern California. The couple then welcomed their first child on October 3, 2005, naming them Kal-El, a name that matches Superman’s birth name.

Alice Kim’s divorce

Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage remained married for 12 years. In January 2016, the couple went their separate ways but kept it a secret. It was supposed to celebrate its 12th anniversary in August 2016, but it never happened. By the end of 2016, Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage had finalized their divorce.

Alice Kim’snet worth

As of March 2021, her net worth is estimated to be over $20 million, most of which she received as a divorce settlement.

Alice Kim now

Alice Kim has been living a private life since her divorce from Nicolas Cage. She hadn’t appeared in as many public events, including the red carpet, as she did when she was Cage’s wife. Sometimes we had weddings.


Who is Alice Kim

Alice Kim Cage is an American actress, model, and television personality who has appeared in numerous films and television series.

For what Alice Kim is famous for?

Alice Kim Cage is known as the ex-wife of American actor Nicolas Cage. Likewise, Nicholas is known for his work in various projects, such as Honeymoon in Vegas, Rumble Fish, and Vampire’s Kiss.

What Alice Kim was doing before coming to limelight?

Before coming into the limelight, Alice worked as a waitress at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

When Did Alice Kim met Nicolas?

When Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage met in 2004, they dated and fell in love just two months before exchanging their wedding vows. Alice is 20 years younger than Cage and is a waitress by profession.

Who is Nicolas Cage?

Cage is an Oscar-winning actor with an impressive reputation in the film industry. But outwardly, people, including Alice’s family, don’t think the two are a match.

Why Alice Kim’s family was not happy with her relationship with Nicolas?

Alice’s family was not so optimistic or happy about the relationship. When she first introduced Nicolas Cage to her mother, her mother told Cage that Alice was very young. At the time, Nicolas Cage knew it would be a struggle to make the relationship and marriage work.

Is Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage still in touch after their divorce?

Despite their divorce, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim have remained close as they share a son. , appeared in public.

Quick Know ABout Quick Know About Alice Kim Cage

Born: 27 December 1983 (age 39 years)
Full name: Alice Kim Cage
Education: Granada Hills Charter
Children: Kal-El Coppola Cage
Spouse: Nicolas Cage (m. 2004–2016)
Nationality: American

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